English is available.

Welcome !


Welcome to "Emerald Orthopedic & Pain clinic" !

This is Tatsuya Masuko, MD and PhD.


My speciality is "Orthopedic" and "pain".

I started "Emerald Orthopedic & Pain clinic" from 2019/4/1.


Because I studied Biology at Johns Hopkins University in USA for 2 years, English is available, of course, not so fluent.


When you have some diseases or symptoms, please ask "Emerald Orthopedic & Pain clinic" !


In 1999, graduate from Hokkaido University and become MD (speciality: Orthopedics)

From 2003 to 2005, study at Johns Hopkins University in USA

In 2005, become PhD

From 2007 to 2010, become Assistant professor at Hokkaido University

From 2019, open  "Emerald Orthopedic & Pain clinic"


  •  Upper extremity
  • Oriental medicine
  • Cognitive Behavior Treatment
  • Biofeed back therapy

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1 minute-walk from Exit 4 of Asabu station (Nanboku line)



2 minute-walk from Asabu Bus Terminal



9 minutes-walk from Shin-Kotoni station (Gakuen-toshi line)

Parking, 341 cars available

We have 328 cars-space on 3F, 4F,  and roof floor of clinic building, ASABU LAND.

Moreover, we have other 13 cars-space in front of "Emerald Orthopedic & Pain clinic".



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