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Diverse treatments MRI brain fog at Emerald Orthopedic and  Pain Clinic

About Emerald Orthopedic & Pain clinic

As a clinic name, this clinic is specialized for Orthopedic diseaseand pain.
A slogan of this clinic is “Do not give up on the pain”.
Therefore, we will manage to improve your diseases and pain.
Moreover, we have developed a world’s first treatment method for brain fog using neurofeedback technique, “two-by-four 8-channel Z-score neurofeedback treatment.”

Diverse Treatments

-Western medicine
-Oriental medicine
-cognitive behavioral therapy


-diverse treatments
-MRI equipped
-focused rehabilitation 
-easy access from public transport
-English available (not fluent)

Target diseases


-degenerative disease
-Pediatric Orthopedics


-chronic pain
-Brain fog derived from COVID-19

Time table

Time table at Emerald Orthopedic and Pain Clinic


Subway: 1 minute-walk from Exit 4 of Asabu station (Nanboku line)
Bus:2 minute-walk from Asabu Bus Terminal
JR:9 minutes-walk from Shin-Kotoni station (Gakuen-toshi line)

Parking:341 cars available
-328 cars-space: 3F, 4F,  and roof floor

-13 cars-space: in front of clinic


Emerald Orthopedic & Pain Clinic
Department of Orthopedic Surgery
Kita 40, Nishi 4, Kita-ku
Sapporo, 001-0040, Japan

Phone and FAX

Phone: 011-738-0011(+81-11-738-0011)
FAX: 011-738-0012(+81-11-738-0012)

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